Misrepresentation of our website


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In the last few days I have discovered where someone created a social network profile on the internet using our domain name of “propheciesofrevelation” and posting a picture of jezebel for a profile picture. At my request the social network’s legal department deleted this malicious profile. Continue reading


Christians in Hell, and many more are headed there


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The following story is a very strong warning to all of us who call ourselves “Christians.” Continue reading

A Spirit of Control in the End Times


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How many people have noticed the increase in ‘CONTROL’? Not only is the government becoming more controlling but so are employers, PREACHERS, FALSE PROPHETS, and people in general. It seemed to sneak up on us. The “controllers” are taking advantage and scooping up all the hurting, wounded, and jellyfish. Continue reading

The Missing Link in “Overcome” – the 2008 Movie


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Mom and I watched this movie last night from a recording I made when the movie aired on TBN years ago. It is amazing how the picture of everything changes once the Lord begins waking you up to all the apostasy going on. The first time we viewed this film we thought it was a nice Christian family type film with a good moral for young people. Now, years later after viewing it again all we see is a nice family type film teaching good morals. You see the difference? The word “Christianity” is gone. Continue reading

The Rockefeller’s and Christianity


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Growing up I often heard the names Nelson Rockefeller and John D. Rockefeller. They were considered wealthy and respectable at that time. Reading through this biography on John Rockefeller a person would think that the man was probably a fine, charitable Christian man. This proves how an author can sway words and hide dirt to make anyone look any way they want to. Continue reading

Word of Faith OR Law of Attraction?


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Faith Healing


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What I am going to say here will sound so basic to many people who have long ago learned these things but I am sharing this stuff for people like myself who have come out of the counterfeit cult-prosperity gospel churches. Mom and I were raised on the true Word of God, and had grandpa lived longer he probably could have awakened us sooner to the pit of lies we fell into. Truth is much more exciting than hearing the lies being propagated by false teachers and false prophets. Continue reading

Evil Spirits Discovered Lurking around Trinity Music City


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This report which I just happened to stumble across only confirms what I have already believed after coming up against demon spirits there myself. Continue reading