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Mom and I watched this movie last night from a recording I made when the movie aired on TBN years ago. It is amazing how the picture of everything changes once the Lord begins waking you up to all the apostasy going on. The first time we viewed this film we thought it was a nice Christian family type film with a good moral for young people. Now, years later after viewing it again all we see is a nice family type film teaching good morals. You see the difference? The word “Christianity” is gone.

The movie I am speaking of cast Aaron Brown as Colton, the bad attitude teen who is beginning to get involved in crime. Details of the film can be read here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2132415/

The description of this character of Colton calls this young teen a “Christian.” Excuse me, but WHERE was the evidence in this film of this young man being a “Christian”? The message given in this film describes a Christian as someone who goes to church, and just because Colton’s parents would drag him to church every week he was supposed to be a Christian in spite of his life which was committed to anything but Christ. Excuse me, but this DOES NOT make anyone a Christian!

The writer of this movie Dani Franklin and the Director B. J. Alexander must not be Christians themselves or else they would have presented the gospel message to a troubled teen.

From the very first scene of this movie all we hear is the word “church.” Church is continually talked about all the way through this movie, but the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, or even God is never mentioned at all. There is no glory or praise given to Jesus Christ at all. I mean, even a Satanist would like this film!

What do we learn from watching this movie?

An unbeliever could not possibly walk away from this movie and relate Christianity to it at all. As a Christian myself, I walked away from  it with the message that if you go to church then you can become a “good person.”

CHURCH does not make anyone a “good person.” There are all kinds of churches, and a whole lot of bad people in churches that profess to be Christian. Church does not equal “Christian.” church-christian

On the dvd cover of this film it says this movie is “a must-see family film of redemption.” Redemption meaning “deliverance from sin.” WHERE was this “redemption”? Not once do we see Colton REPENTING or saying the sinners prayer to accept Jesus as his Savior. Not even once!

What we see in this film is a group of preppy, popular kids who get everything they want. Sounds like the health and wealth prosperity garbage. The young man’s near death experience did not even sound right. He said it frightened him and he did not recognize the voice speaking to him but this voice told him what he needed to do and he followed it. So he followed the voice of a stranger? The Bible says that the Lord’s children will know His voice (John 10:4-5, 27).

There is nothing at all Christian about this film. Most religions are going to agree to a certain level of morality and define what they feel is a “good person” but none of this makes a person a Christian.

What we should have seen in this movie

We FIRST should have seen Colton coming to Christ, asking for forgiveness of his sins, repenting, and asking the Lord to come into him and be his Savior. Then the SECOND task should have been to go directly to the people that he stole from, lied to, and treated poorly to apologize to them and make amends. Not only do we NOT see this happening in this film but he centers all of his attention on the pretty girl whom he physically injured. One has to wonder about this. What if…. the girl had not been so pretty? What if…. the girl had been average in looks. Would Colton have felt so guilty and spent so much time with her? I have my doubts.

Churches are full of people who are uptight about outward appearances but do not believe in a clean mind or spirit, or confessing sins or repenting, and of people who have deceived themselves that being “good” will get them to Heaven and their definition of “good” is self-defined.

I do not have a whole lot to say here about this film. I just wanted to say something to share with others about what is missing from this film. It is sending the wrong message to young people if it is expected to be a witnessing and sharing the gospel of Jesus film.