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I do not know how many people may be aware of this but more censorship has arose. A few months ago I discovered that my comments to youtube were either not posting or when they would then only I could see them while logged into my account. If I logged out of my account and looked at the page then my comment was gone. This is because youtube never made my comment public. I was so stumped by this because my comment never contained anything that rendered being blocked.

I could send private messages to other people but while I thought they were being received I discovered from another youtube user that my private messages were not being received either! And, other people were being blocked from sending me private messages also.

Being very confused about what was going on and ‘why me, what did I do?’ I went searching on google and the youtube forum for help. I discovered many other people talking about the very same issue. Now someone has made a video describing what is going on but they have no answers either as to why it is happening. Youtube employees are apparently not talking.

Well, I would say that it is big brother but I will now get more descriptive than that. I believe that it may be government experiments for more INTERNET CONTROL and censorship. People who are on social networking are giving away absolutely everything to the government who is most certainly keeping records. The best way to alienate and censor a particular group of people is to collect everything you can about people- where they live, work, who they associate with, family geneology, where you shop, what you buy, political party, religious affiliation, what you think about the government, and so forth. Information is being collected. This is one of the greater reasons why mom and I have departed from Facebook.

According to this video, youtube is banning people at random reading and watching people, what they write, what kind of videos they watch, and where they attempt to make comments. I am not really sure when they began ghost banning me since I have attempted to comment very little on youtube and usually do not log into my account much there unless I plan to upload a video. I am not sure either if the ban has been lifted. I know that the last two comments I left at youtube I received replies so maybe they decided to drop me. lol!

We have quite a few subscribers on our two youtube channels. Mom and I are both inspired by people’s interest there and hope that the teaching videos we share are blessing people. We generally have disabled commenting on our videos because of troublemakers who just go around trying to tear down Christianity. But private messaging is enabled. If anyone has attempted to send a private message to us at youtube but was blocked, please know that it had nothing to do with us. It was youtube. Again, maybe this ghost banning has been lifted now.

Anyhow, just thought I would share this video for others who may be wondering why on earth their youtube comments are not posting. I pray that those who read this will take heed at just how soon our Lord Jesus is coming! Internet censorship is another big sign of the end times.