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Here is more on one of the 13 illuminati bloodline families. When we think of Onassis we generally associate the name Kennedy with it, especially when John and Jackie were married. I am going to offer some highlights from Fritz Springmeier’s research about the Onassis family and the evil illuminati  and mafia connections. It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant professing Christian people will be. In spite of the cold hard facts available to anyone who wishes to take the time to do the research most people blow off the facts, make light of them, or outright call it all lies, conspiracies, and anyone who believes it is considered an idiot and wacko. Well, the illuminati is just as real as the devil himself.

How on earth will Satan ever succeed in ruling this world system, as Bible prophecy foretells, unless he has an army of loyal followers who have sold their soul to him for prestige, power, and riches on this earth?

Today, in these end times, he has control of most churches making the same deadly offer. Give that some thought. I believe that ignorance to Satan’s tactics makes us Christians look really dumb if we do not wise up to the truth. Satan has been working his evil plan to control and rule the world since God kicked him out of Heaven. Soon, he will be standing up announcing himself as the ruler of the world, AND GOD. Most people will be fooled by his lies because they are too busy following false prophets and false teachers who are being controlled by the illuminati and telling them only words of comfort to keep people loyal. I like what Fritz wrote at the very beginning of his article:

Understanding the forces that are shaping our lives, on the one hand is Jesus who aches to save us, and on the other side is Satan who laughs at how he continues to put deceptions over on us. God has made provision for us. God has offered us the understanding and wisdom of what is going on- We do not have to remain confused as to how world events are happening or what they are planning to do. The Bible says the wise shall understand (Daniel 12:10). -Fritz Springmeier-

Former U.S. President James Garfield was considered “an extremely powerful Mason.” The Masons were responsible for getting him elected as President, but the illuminati assassinated him. Truth is very different than what the illuminati owned news reported. Look at this more recent CBS news report, How Doctors Killed President Garfield. Maybe the illuminati drugged or hypnotized the assassin to perform the assassination? I don’t know.

Garfield was reported by an eye-witness to Satanic rituals to have participated in the cannibalistic rites of Satanism done to gain the spiritual power of the eaten person. The Grand Orient Freemasonry has been linked to other orders of Freemasonry that are also called Rosicrucians. -Fritz Springmeier-

The 'Obelisk' which stands on the White House lawn in Washington, D.C.

The ‘Obelisk’ which stands on the White House lawn in Washington, D.C.

The country of Turkey has played a key role in occult religions and freemasonry with close  illuminati ties. It was a Turk man named Khedive Ismail Pasha who gave the famous ‘Obelisk’ to the United States. For those who do not know what this is it is an illuminati-occult symbol representing,

Cleopatra’s Needle and was originally erected in the city of the sun, Heliopolis, about 1500 B.C. The Obelisk is a representation of a human penis, because sun worship, worship of regeneration (sex) and worship of the sun god Satan were all tied together. Masons helped with the moving of the obelisk, and its dedication when it arrived in New York City. Large obelisks have been erected by Masons in New York, Washington D.C., Paris, the Vatican, and London. (If my memory serves me correct Berlin received one too at one time.) -Fritz Springmeier-

I saw an obelisk standing near a major interstate in the State of Illinois not long ago. This ‘Obelisk’ is well recognized setting on the White House lawn today. It is supposed to be a reminder of just WHO (illuminati) controls America. It is also a reminder that MEN are in control. Generally speaking here about how I see this whole mess tied together, men have UNBIBLICAL control over women. What I mean here is that men are not living according to the Word of God or treating women the way the Lord intended, and I believe that every man who is mistreating, abusing and using wrongful control over women are going to be held accountable to the Lord on judgment day. Men have been given certain ‘liberties’ over women according to the Bible but they have misused those liberties. Since America and the whole world is headed for Hell in a handbasket, the men have no one to blame but themselves. From the very beginning Adam failed to believe what the Lord said or to place his trust in the Lord. What happened to Adam’s wisdom when he decided to bite into the apple? He never stopped or protected Eve. He never commanded the serpent to go. Just saying….

The Onassis family were involved in money laundering and operating an opium smuggling operation in Turkey. There is question whether an elder Onassis was involved in this opium smuggling as far back as 1815 with another illuminati family, the Astors, in Smyrna, Turkey. Everything about these illuminati families becomes so complex because of all the cover-ups with businesses in drugs, pornography, and politics.

Aristotle’s [Onassis] power was so pervasive that some researchers of his activities concluded that he was absolutely the most powerful man on earth… Aristotle did have world-wide power, but that appearance of power was there because he was part of Moriah (the Satanic hierarchy which controls the world.) -Fritz Springmeier-

Aristotle Onassis was close friends with the Perons who “set up a dictatorship in Argentina.” The Perons were connected with Nazis, Satanists and satanic activities. Onassis was also connected with the Nazis. Hitler was told by a man named John Foster Dulles, who was credited for creating the Versailles Treaty, that these ‘elite’ families would be financially backing him! Onassis even financed Germany to build tankers after W.W.II.

Onassis was also a very good friend of Winston Churchill. Churchill who has long been admired by American conservatives had a side to him that would surprise many Americans. Churchhill was a descendant of an elite family and a freemason. Churchill was quoted on several occasions of having told Onassis that the ONLY ONE he could trust in W.W.II was Joseph Stalin, the leader of communist Soviet Union. Churchill and his friend Bernard Baruch would spend time on the Onassis’ yacht. Bernard Baruch is responsible for persuading Winston Churchill to join the illuminati. The illuminati were behind the stock market crash in 1929 and they foretold this event to Churchill. After the crash occurred, this display of power is what convinced Churchill to join the illuminati.

Aristotle Onassis built the largest oil tanker ships. He was part of the illuminati monopoly over the oil industry. All the illuminati families seem to share the riches in a variety of industries.

No wonder America was not in a hurry to stop Hitler’s takeover. While Hitler was murdering hundreds of thousands of Jews the elite illuminati families were financing Hitler in his pursuit to rule the world. In 1983 a book was published called Trading With The Enemy (written by Charles Higham, I believe) which exposed these elite families, Onassis and others (Rockefeller, Kennedy, and Getty) secretly supplying Hitler with whatever he needed to keep the war going. Onassis sold oil and guns to both sides.

It is easy to see why this research done by Fritz Springmeier was forced off the internet. I found some of it from web archives but some things were permanently removed. The federal information he provided with the Onassis family involvement with Hitler was one of the things permanently removed.

In this newsletter issue from Fritz he also speaks about Howard Hughs who paid former President Nixon’s brother, Donald, a quarter million dollars in order to have control over Nixon. Onassis placed his own men into Howard Hughs organization. In March 1957 Onassis had Howard Hughs kidnapped. Hughs was shot up with heroin and taken out of the country. There were two men playing Hughs as doubles. These doubles carried on in Hughs organization as Onassis gave the orders.

By September 1957 the mafia convened for a meeting which included satanist Joseph Kennedy to plot how to get John F. Kennedy elected to presidency. They rigged the election causing Richard Nixon to lose. Nixon kept his mouth closed about this scheme because he was “promised” the opportunity to be President at a later time. It was believed that John F. Kennedy would be a good “illuminati President” but in spite of his low I.Q., lack of morals, and irresponsibility John angered the illuminati because he refused to be their puppet. He thought for himself and viewed himself as boss over the illuminati. The press, of course, also owned by the illuminati turned against JFK. The illuminati are headquartered in London, England. Onassis had many connections with the British government. High level illuminati meetings began discussing how to assassinate JFK because they could not control him.

Bobby Kennedy had a good idea who shot his brother. He wrote an unpublished book called The Enemy Within, and then later he was assassinated too. Actually, the whole establishment were out to get Kennedy, and even George Bush was involved with the assassination. -Fritz Springmeier-

A variety of major companies were used as fronts for these illuminati meetings. Some were even used as “FAKE CHRISTIAN” fronts. Just like today! In these end times we have people impersonating men of God and operating churches as a religious front.

So Aristotle Onassis was one of the men behind the assassination of JFK then he took JFK’s wife and wedded her. Aristotle was so ruthless that he arranged for porn magazines to capture his wife swimming in the nude, taking pictures and sharing them in their filthy magazines.

When Aristotle and Jackie divorced, then Aristotle married Althina (Tina). After they divorced then Althina married a relative of Winston Churchill’s. Then she divorced him and married her brother-in-law Stavros Niarchos, Aristotle’s brother-in-law and an illuminati kingpin. Stavros rented a house in Long Island, NY from a man named Harry Hopkins who used to control former President F. D. Roosevelt and tell him what to do. Stavros was also important leader with the Bilderbergs and he was a billionaire himself. He worked closely with David Rockefeller, another illuminati figure. Althina divorced Stavros after he killed her sister.

Aristotle’s sister-in-law was also murdered with an overdose of sleeping pills.

Her body in the post-mortem was covered with bruises, black left eye, swelling on the left temple, a hemorrhage to the left of the larynx and so forth down the rest of her body. Let’s not swallow the Illuminati’s propaganda to lull us into sleep about what they have done. -Fritz Springmeier-

Sounds something like what the illuminati Kennedy’s did to Marilyn Monroe, doesn’t it?

The Russel family would sometimes sail with the Onassis’ on their yacht. The Russel’s (or Russell’s) were also involved in the drug cartels. One of the Onassis ladies married a Russell. This couple wanted a child for their lineage so bad that they paid $1 million to a French doctor to help them conceive a child.

There is a special program to hide the lineages of the Illuminati bloodlines. Illuminati Monarch slaves are being used as couriers to carry secret genealogical information about hundreds of Illuminati children who are being adopted out. These children do not know who their real parents are, but the records of what bloodlines they belong to are being carefully kept. The Catholic church is participating in this program to hide lingeages. If it does still seem strange that the Russell family has variant spellings to Russell such as Russel, the reader needs to understand that the elite families are trying to hide their lineages and they make many small and large changes in their last names to throw people off the track. The Illuminati have taken the art of secrecy to heights no one would ever dream. Many of the people with top 13 Blood in their veins DO NOT have last names that would give them away. -Fritz Springmeier-

Aristotle owned the country of Monoco. The ruler of Monoco was Prince Rainier and he was looking for a wife. Initially Aristotle attempted to make Marilyn Monroe his wife, but Marilyn while considered one of JFK’s mistresses she was really a monarch sex slave for the illuminati who served JFK and others. Aristotle decided he did not like Marilyn’s image so he chose Grace Kelly to be the Prince’s wife. It is questionable whether or not Grace was drugged in order to make her fall in love with and marry the Prince. When Grace began learning too many secrets about the P2 freemasons, the Vatican, and the illuminati then she too was murdered by the illuminati. Grace was only 22 years old.

One of the reasons I am sharing this information as I am able to find time to read through what Fritz has written about the illuminati bloodlines is that the illuminati and satanists have entered the church. Anyone who cannot see how the illuminati have taken control over the government, the schools, the churches and other things is totally deceived. There is a common theme here- the fight for POWER and MONEY. ANYONE who becomes wise to Satan’s plot to control the masses ends up dead. I think that some people are confused about the names within the bloodlines but as Fritz has said you cannot go by just the names because last names are being manipulated around in order to disguise themselves.

Do you see how much the CHURCH is under the same satanic control with the same goals?

You can read more details of the Onassis family at The Onassis Bloodline.