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People who have been discarded by ministries because we do not agree with the teachings or question things or raise questions about scriptures that go against what the preacher or false prophet is teaching wind up being labeled with all sorts of names including jezebels. Read Nasty Names given to Church Whistleblowers.

Well, I previously mentioned posting something about these false prophets so here it goes. The people we are talking about include those listed on this page, False Prophet List. There are more people than we have on this list. We are not going to try to keep up with every person these self-appointed nuts proclaim as a prophet. I am not wanting to spend time discussing them individually either. I have done some research and shared some information about a few of them on our website.

Discussing these false prophets really does not seem so important to me anymore. With all the available information on the internet about these people it is foolish for anyone to walk blindly into one of these people’s churches. What is wrong with people today that they automatically  label you a jezebel if you teach that all these people calling themselves ‘prophets’ are not true prophets of God? What is wrong with people that they have to follow someone? Why not just follow God?

All I know is that my King James Bible says to “BEWARE” of these “MANY” false prophets and false christs in the end times (Matthew 7:15 and Matthew 24:11). My Bible gives me many examples of who true prophets of God really were. It makes people angry today if you show them these scriptures because they want so badly to have some man to follow. Apparently, people in general, are so mentally challenged, biblically ignorant and incapable of making their own decisions or praying on their own that they search for someone who has the gall of an uncircumcised Philistine to stand up and say “Look at me. I’m a prophet. I will cover you and protect you” even though it is all lies. What these agents of Satan are covering and protecting people from is the TRUTH. They are bewitching, brainwashing, and hypnotizing people to keep people loyal and submissive to them – to keep people disillusioned into believing their river of lies. I have not been able to prove this, but I still suspect that some people are being drugged to become submissive. From what I can tell most of the brainwashing appears to come from trance music, convincing people with false doctrines, and with hypnotism. Some have even been caught asking women to take their clothes off because this false prophet convinced the women there was some sort of religious experience in getting naked before the Lord and then he would fondle them while [falsely] prophesying to them. (Listen to this audio video.) They make people loyal and submissive by appealing to their SENSES- what makes people feel good all over, mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Do you see this picture yet of how the devil has slithered into the church?

I truly believe that at some point true prophets and apostles, like tongues, have ceased, and everything we see today is the works of Satan because everything we see and hear today is self-promotion, self-focused, self-glory, feel good, sensual, unbiblical manifestations. In my King James Bible God and His prophets never spoke to people this way.

I am so far removed from the religious system today that I only recently realized how these false prophets keep cropping up new names for themselves. They have been connected with the Brownsville Revivals in Pensacola, Florida, the Elijah List founded by Steve Schultz, the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City, Missouri, the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), and the Toronto Blessing in Toronto, Canada.

All of these gurus are religious sorcerers. There is a website I found on the internet dedicated to reporting the occult activities and testimonies from people who have been damaged by these sorcerers.  [SpiritofError.org]  Holly Pivec has a whole lot of good information on her website about this destructive end times movement with these false prophets. I highly recommend looking through her website. Sadly, Holly has never posted any of my comments or responded to private email either. I do not know her personally. We have never met or ever exchanged a single word so there you go. There lies how evil and destructive these end times false prophets and jezebels in the church really are. People who do not even know me fall prey to the lies and gossip sent out by demons. If I am wrong about this then the people who are not posting my comments or acknowledging me at all need to speak up.

These false prophets are constantly self-appointing new false prophets. It is easy to recognize who these people are because they all cling together like magnets. Just because you do not see an individual on this list does not mean the person is a real prophet.

All we have to do is look at the way people live.

→ Who do they associate with – celebrity people are generally a BIG RED FLAG to run. I do not know any celebrity person who I would call a genuine Christian anymore. People seek glory for themselves. Satan loves the limelight and he seeks people with the same love for self to hold up above others to lead people to Hell. False prophets always cling to and beget more false prophets. They are always trying to imitate the great Prophet Elijah from Bible times and pass some anointing to someone else but what they pass is a DEMONIC ANOINTING. You need to look at who they are associating with and then separate yourself.

→ Watch and listen to how they behave and talk. Usually their conversations outside of the pulpit are wound up in the world and getting what they want. I have never heard of any of these people encourage conversations based on the Bible. What they encourage is pep talks or inspirational conversation using a scripture out of context and if you question anything then you become the damned in their twisted teaching. This is not the definition of Bible study where people read and STUDY scripture together, ask questions and participate in discussion of the Word, feel conviction, repent, pray and get saved.

→ If every word they preach does not line up with the KING JAMES BIBLE then they are a false prophet. You should be separating yourself from being sucked into the ‘feel good’ message they bring. If they are teaching sensual, worldly things there is another RED FLAG. What you hear from these religious sorcerers will line up with some remake of a Bible somewhere. New Bibles rewritten to please the worldly, sensual, lust for money Christian pretenders is widely available on the market and in so called Christian bookstores like Lifeway but these Bibles are not the real Bible written by God.

→ If they are prophesying ‘personal prophecy’ junk (worldly things, earthly riches, careers, whom someone is going to marry, etc) then they are a false prophet. Whatever they say all in the “Thus saith the Lord…” is blasphemy. One hundred percent of what the LORD says will come to pass. Psychics and mediums may be partly correct, but the Lord is ALWAYS COMPLETELY CORRECT. At the same time, just because something one of these false prophets says “appears” to come to pass does not make them a true prophet either. These false prophets are Satan’s chosen people so who do you think answers their prayers and responds to their false prophecies? The devil does.

The ONLY real prophecy today is BIBLE PROPHECY for which these false prophets are fulfilling the scriptures that warn us about them. Real Bible prophecy is one hundred percent accurate and is being fulfilled right now. Real Bible prophecy given in the Bible is the warnings for us to get our lives right with the Lord because He is coming to rapture the church. If you do not believe that then it is because you have been bewitched by doctrines of demons and like the virgins who did not put oil in their lamps you will be caught off guard and left behind.

→ If they are talking about SIGNS and WONDERS and you are seeing what looks like supernatural manifestations then they are a false prophet. The Lord will never try to win you over by performing magic tricks for you. Just because you hear someone rattling off some language that you do not understand what on earth makes you think that it is from God? Satan can speak in another tongue too.

People involved in these ministries with false prophets are seeing demons appearing as light and they are disillusioned to believe it is the Holy Spirit. The false prophets are teaching people to raise the dead, astral projection, alchemy, walking on water, laying on graves (and conjuring up demons), and more. All of which is occult practices. One of the many sad things I have heard was from Bill Johnson’s daughter. Mom watched this video too and we both were crossed between crying and anger at how deceived people are in these places. How horrifying it is that the devil has such a strong hold on people that they even teach the young people who come into this world to learn from the elders and are being taught such deceit. WHO is ever going to share the truth with these young people? Here is what Jenn Johnson has said. A video clip is available also.

The Holy Spirit to me is like the genie from Aladdin… I view the Holy Spirit like the genie from Aladdin. And he’s blue…I’m planned perfect. (the congregation laughs!) And he’s funny. And he’s sneaky. And he’s courageous. And he’s everywhere. And he’s wonderful…. That’s who he is to me. And he’s funny. He’s sneaky. He’s silly. He’s wonderful. And I view him like the genie from Aladdin. I don’t know where in my life that just kind a came up. Maybe when I was like 10. I don’t know because he’s there, you know? He’s the helper. He’s always supportive and comforting and he’s just fun. And he’s blue. -Jenn Johnson, watch video

God is NOT a genie. Genie’s are witches. God does not give us everything we want. God is the opposite in some of the ways she describes her genie here. The Holy Spirit is not blue. This “spirit” that is with her all the time that she describes this way is not the Holy Spirit of God at all, but it clearly describes a demonic spirit. Jenn is blind to this now but one day the bright, comforting light to her is gonna reveal itself. She will eventually see something very ugly and frightening and then she will realize that her father taught her lies.

→ Actions speak louder than words. What fruits of the Spirit do they manifest (Galatians 5:22-23, Ephesians 5:9)? Anyone or any church ministry who is doing any of the things mentioned above or any of the following is a BIG RED FLAG:

■ shunning and alienating people for any reason,

■ putting people out of the church for any reason,

■ silencing questions or biblical discussions,

■ placing unwed cohabitating couples, or practicing homosexuals in positions of leadership

■ claiming some great move of God on your life if you give $1,000 or some big some of money at that moment to them personally or their ministry

During my research of some of these false prophet people I discovered cases of homosexuality which continues today. I looked as far back as William Branham. I never found anything where he admitted to being homosexual. It was his support of homosexuality and transvestites that has made him appear to be one. During the era that he lived, 1909-1965, it was forbidden to ever publicly admit to such perversion from anyone, preacher or not. Today homosexuality is promoted and accepted among these false prophets. Being in a heterosexual marriage in these end times is so often for appearances sake. People make these public appearances of being the good little Christian family, but behind closed doors lurks darkness and all sorts of evils.

Paul Cain admitted to being homosexual. Perversion is from the devil. Perversion clings and grows on sensual people who are not close to the Lord. Hunger for physical pleasure leads to perversion and without genuine repentance the devil takes people deeper into the pit when they submit to this jezebel doctrine of demons.

There is no teaching at all against witchcraft or the occult. Under the ministries of these false prophets you can expect to be taught how to do witchcraft. The occult is encouraged as I have seen from people I know personally along with the story of Bethany Deaton from IHOP.

At a Vineyard Conference, Cain was reported as saying that the devil was “trying to kill off the New Breed.” This “new breed” refers to redefining Christianity which is a gospel of demons and jezebel- making homosexuality and perversion acceptable, a counterfeit Holy Spirit, tongue, and healing, pleasing the senses (mind and body), but the spirit is not being fed with the true Word of God.

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is a counterfeit Christian movement that embraces present day apostles and prophets who claim they govern the church and give new divine revelation needed to set up God’s EARTHLY kingdom. They do not believe in the rapture of the church. They seek to make heaven on this earth. This is not at all what the Bible says.

The first time I picked up material written by Rick Joyner I immediately sensed the spirit of darkness and deception. Reading his material is similar to reading New Age materials. His approach is to take anything in Scripture and make it mean anything that suits his theological aims. There is no faithfulness to established facts of interpretation. It’s a smorgasbord of ideas loosely connected with the generous use of out-of-text Scripture to prove his point. -Joseph R. Chambers, D.D., 1998-

It was the same in my experience with a false prophet. Only I had blindly fallen prey to the lies for a time, and it was all my fault! I should have listened to the warnings the Lord was giving me. I should have fleed the devils snare by never even visiting such an ungodly place. If you want to play on the devil’s playground, he will overcome you so that you cannot get out. Just how deep the darkness and deception was did not fully come to reality for me until the Lord snatched me out of the place. If you cannot recognize the darkness in the teachings from these false prophets then you are in very deep spiritual danger and need to get into your prayer closet with the Lord.

We have put together a page about who the Bible says true prophets are, The Test of a True Prophet.

If anyone is interested I have posted to our website a few more testimonies from people who have come out of these false prophets cults like myself, click here to find those testimonies. Far more stories from the last several years are posted at Holly’s website listed above.

Have you been involved with a counterfeit church and left it?