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You know what is most aggravating is how people who call themselves Christians treat me like a jezebel and shun me. They are high-minded religious bigots. I guess that I need to learn how to accept this as a compliment because the Bible says that we will be hated for the sake of our faith in Jesus Christ. Everyone who has submitted to the lies and gossip about me sent out by demons is severely disillusioned and will probably be left behind. If I leave comments on their webpage they won’t post my comments. If I send a private email, no one acknowledges my email, or they say to talk to someone else because they have no time for me. Almost no one even acknowledges my existence. And people who once knew me suddenly have no idea who I am. Can we say BEWITCHED? How blind and stupid people are to not be able to see through what the real jezebels have done.

One of these people who has never met me or knows anything about me unless they heard gossip has said that I have a spirit of rejection. How absurd and falsely accusing! Let’s see, I set out to join a church and make friends. I am pushed out. Harassment, lies and gossip stir about me from several churches with witches and jezebels operating in them. People stop talking to me. The same people force me out of my job and everyone says “hallejuia.” False prophets and religious bigots spied on me on social networking. People turn without a word to me. I keep reaching out year after year to make friends while people ignore me, or pass me off, or tell me they have no time for me and now some arrogant bigot has the nerve to say that I am the one with the problem? I am not the one doing the rejection here. Religious  bigots reject me. I get treated better by people who do not profess to even be religious, let alone Christian.

Excuse me, but high-minded religious bigots are THE PROBLEM in society…. PERIOD. These people are destroying the Lord’s work. They are creating chaos in the church. They are bringing in perversion and division. They are turning people away from the Lord. I bet they are sending more people to Hell than the pagans ever did.

If you consider yourself a true Christian separated from the end times counterfeit church then what is your excuse for treating me like a jezebel or someone with leprosy? Where is the love of God in you? I have not seen any from nearly anyone. There is so much arrogance. It is repulsive.

I want replies to this, but I expect nothing anymore because I am talking to the air most of the time. Church people and professing Christians are so rude, nasty, arrogant, obnoxious, and ugly. When I try to participate by commenting on someone’s articles people act like their tongues have been cut off.

I never want to be associated in any way with church people or people who profess to be Christian. I cannot see how any of these people will ever enter Heaven when they cannot even treat me as a fellow sister in Christ. I see all these dumb religious idiots on the internet trying to compete with each other in numbers (fans), books, and doctrine. If I received a $1 for every time one of these religious bigots snubbed me I would be rich. They knock each other down when one person believes one thing and another believes something else, or if someone they trust tells them some piece of gossip about someone else. And when I try to befriend anyone who I think is part of the family of God then all I get in return is silence or get lost. This is the most horrendous example of Christianity ever. If 95% of these imbeciles do not correct their attitudes, humble themselves, and seek to unite with ALL followers of Jesus Christ then they just may find themselves being left behind. The Lord will surely not put up with this crapola.

Are mom and I the only people on earth who SEEs the hand of Satan in all this high-mindedness within the church?