Tomorrow October 6, 2015 will be the last post unless something changes. For four years now since a false prophet and his brainwashed sidekick cursed me and had me arrested people have given me the silent treatment. Four years is a long time to be ignoring someone, or to have little to no communication with another human being. I expect such immaturity and ungodliness from the counterfeit jokers but I sure expected much better from people who are supposed to be Christians who go around preaching about the great falling away, the false prophets and false teachers, and the soon coming of the Lord.

I had really hoped and prayed that some of these people would eventually come around to make amends with me, or that I could even make new friends who I thought we were in agreement with our faith but I guess not. I have been posting daily devotionals and scriptures for almost 10 years now but the fact that no one has been speaking to me ever since the jezebel preachers harassed me is proof to me that people are under a demonic spell and I am wasting my time. I am sure as heck not posting all of this for my sake. I never wanted all the attention that was forced on me, especially not the kind that was fabricated about me. And until somebody gets the guts and enough love to come to me as a genuine Christian person and tell me what the heck these lies are about that the heathens have spread all over the internet and around town causing people to be incapable of speaking then I quit.

As far as I can tell nearly everyone who calls themselves a Christian is a phony. They give the word “Christianity” a bad name. I want nothing to do with phony people. If I ever had to see any of these phony counterfeits again who treated me so badly it would be hell to me. So I am going to return to my silent, human free world. May the Lord bless my enemies in the same way they have blessed me.