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Continuing with more on the illuminati family bloodlines let us look at the Kennedy family.

Although John F. Kennedy was a democrat, the religious right have long supported the man’s work and philosophies. Again, what ignorance. People keep following whomever and whatever someone tells them to. Just so long as the person is “popular” everyone follows like cattle without question.

The following are highlights from Fritz Springmeier’s research on the Kennedy family – a summarized view of what America portrays as an American hero by the religious and non-religious, Christian or atheist.

Now, nearly everyone living during the 1960s era was aware of JFK having affairs with other women, but what else do people really know about JFK and the Kennedy clan? As if affairs with other women were not enough to cause the religious right to turn away from this man the story gets much worse. And as the years have passed into a new century, many in the religious right have clung to this man even more.

John F. Kennedy had a very active sex life, even after he married Jackie, and even after he was President in the White House. For those who don’t think secrets can be kept by the elite, one only has to look at how John F. Kennedy was able to have sex with many women while President and to have frequent nude swim parties at the White House pool and the general public not know anything about it.
 As if the above activity were not immoral and lewd enough, we then read the following:
John F. Kennedy was so open about his sexual habit, that at one party at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. John F. Kennedy openly had sex with one partner in front of the party, while his friend Senator Estes Kefauver did the same. Then they swapped partners and began again in plain view. John F. Kennedy had many “one-night-stands” as the world calls them. These were merely women hustled up by his aides or the secret service or his friends like Frank Sinatra.

There is much published about American politicians having prostitutes in Washington, D.C. The secret about the government prostituting children and women just for the president, senators, and congressmen came out many years ago but as of today I am unsuccessful in locating evidence of this on the internet other than the random stories of specific people. Now I see from my search that it is not only women and children but homosexual prostitution to boot. It is for sure that whatever the government proclaims to be fighting against that they are already very deeply involved in with no intentions of stopping it. Google it, or read here.

Frank Sinatra was a member of the mafia. The mafia had and still does have very close ties with the illuminati. Read more about that in Greg Syzmanski’s article The Link Between the Vatican, Italian Mafia, and the Illuminati.

John F. Kennedy had three long term girlfriends, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield, and Zsa Zsa Gabor which were ALSO girlfriends of Anton LaVey, who has headed the Church of Satan [in 1966].

Anton LaVey discovered Marilyn Monroe working in a strip joint and was responsible for helping Marilyn begin a career as an actress. Anton marketed satanism so that it would be appealing to the public, even to professing Christians as we see happening today.

Peter Lawford, Sammy Davis, Jr. , and Frank Sinatra were all members of the Church of Satan and very good friends with John F. Kennedy. I call it “Hollywood Hell.” California has always been labeled the home of the fruits and the nuts. This is part of the reason right here. The saturation of the occult, the hippie drug movement, and the most demonic, twisted minds on earth live there and sell their abominations to others. According to Fritz, San Bernadino County in Southern California is a big center for satanism. The Illuminati have also set up their headquarters in San Bernadino county.

Political Persuasions

Besides the immorality of prostitution, affairs, and orgies, and the connections to the mafia and satanism, there were the political corruptions.

The Mafia rigged several important counties in the election, like in Chicago, which tipped the scales in John winning the Presidency. How much more corrupt the voting system is today, and anyone who thinks that their vote matters is severely disillusioned.

He won elections by hiring men to vote repeatedly for him. Joe Kennedy remembered 2 Ward heelers proudly telling Joe Kennedy’s father who was on the election commission, “Pat, we voted 128 times today.”

In Fritz’s article you will read about a man named Tyler Kent who worked in the British Embassy with Jack Kennedy. Kent had 1,500 pages of secret documents about a conspiracy for which Pres. Roosevelt was lying to the public about it. Kent was arrested before he could expose it all. This has been very typical for the illuminati to arrest or snuff out anyone who might expose them. John Todd was one example of this.

While [Joe] Kennedy pretended to be against the war, he was serving as an intimate accomplice in maneuvers designed to fool the American people. This is a good example of how even today the public is looking to certain public officials to save them. They think that these politicians will try everything possible to help them fight the system, so when they fail to beat the system, the people think they have been beaten fairly.

The Kennedy Humanitarian Achievements

The Kennedy Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction and Bioethics helps fund the Knights of Malta hospice movement in America.
What is the hospice movement which is being conducted by the Hospitallers (one of the names the Knights of Malta go by)? It is a movement to allow old people “The Right to Die.’ The Knights of Malta have an ancient history of running drugs and in administering mind altering drugs in their hospitals instead of giving medicine.
This is a form of “euthanasia” where a concoction called “Brompton Mixture” containing  heroin, cocaine, alcohol, tranquilizers, and chloroform water is given to the “unwanted people” until they die. Maybe this is one avenue of murder to be executed to the Christians in the near future?

In Conclusion

You notice something? Again, these so called elites of society feel they are ‘god’ and have the authority to decide who lives and who dies? They call it “mercy killing” to eliminate people who they decide are not worthy to live. Umm, this sounds a whole lot like my experience of living in the counterfeit Bible belt.

The Kennedy family themselves were drenched with drug problems. You can read more about that too in Fritz’s article.

John Kennedy’s father, Joseph, was always covering up for John’s mistakes and John made some really big mistakes. From what I have read JFK had absolutely no respect for his mother or women. He was a brainwashed dumb dumb  with an IQ of 119 who was made a hero by his father all because his daddy had a lot of money to buy people off.  His father bought his son’s way into the Navy and John never even succeeded at that.  He was an irresponsible man who allowed his boat to be run over by a Japanese destroyer because he was DRUNK. All he seemed to care about was booze, drugs, and sex. His mother and father were not nice or normal people from what I have read. They were users and abusers who made their way in life by bribing people with money, using witchcraft, and manipulating people. Umm, again, sounds like some preachers today.

Joe Kennedy’s daughter, Rosemary, may have been sexually abused or some type of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) which is typical within illuminati families and satanism. Joe had brain surgery performed on Rosemary and then banished her to a convent.

If Americans were as a whole critical thinkers and would challenge the propaganda that the controlled media gives them, then the FALSE FRONTS and FALSE PUBLIC IMAGES of their leaders might not get written up so easily as history.

The same could be said for the church. We have a whole bunch of preachers trying to imitate the corrupt lives of these politicians by making false fronts and false public images of themselves and people keep blindly following them refusing to question these people or accept the truth. Believers need to stop looking for someone to idolize, to follow, to support, to stand behind, to SAVE them. Believers need spiritual discernment (the Holy Ghost). This has nothing to do with being a prophet or prophesying. Believers need to challenge their teachers instead of sitting back and submitting to religious conformity. Satan is making fools out of so many people who profess to be Christian because while they profess with their mouth to be a follower of Jesus Christ, their actions, hearts and minds are sunken in the occult in so many ways. We should be looking no further than to Jesus Christ to turn this world around and to save us from the coming fall.

Read more about the occult ties of the Kennedy Bloodline and Fritz Springmeier’s research resources. Or, read about other illuminati families.