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What the elites and medical professionals do not want you to know about marijuana

The “mood” drug, also known as reefers, pot, grass, tea, Mary Jane, bhang, dagga, hashish, loco weed, or cannabis sativa.

Searching the internet today I found that most of the truth about marijuana has been removed. Whatever happened to the facts about the dangers of marijuana and other drugs?

The truth is that drugs dull the brain. America’s war against drugs was just a gimmick from the start. Not only are too many people making big bucks and living high lifestyles from the sell of drugs, but nearly everyone is using something. Legalizing marijuana is only the beginning. Convincing a world that drugs not only will not harm you but are actually good for you is one of Satan’s big lies. Drugs are Satan’s best tactics to manipulate people so they will not know the difference between good and evil. If he cannot win your soul by offering you money, or fame or whatever then he always has an opportunity with drugs. Drugs remove a person’s ability to think for themselves. That is just what Satan wants so he can win you over with fleshly, worldly desires.  Drugs are what cults and programmers use to control and manipulate people into doing what they want them to do – to make them loyal to the leader. What better way does Satan have then to convince people “Here, take this drug. It’s okay. It will make you feel good. It will make you wise. It will make you like God. God just doesn’t want you to know that.”

Ummm… sounds just like the lie the serpent told Eve in the garden. So take the drugs. Dull your brain. Those who do have already damned themselves and will never be able to understand what I am saying here. Unless the Lord Himself speaks directly to these people about turning away from the drugs, these people have already doomed their souls to eternal hell. Only the Lord knows who will respond to His call.

So the medical field and the government has set out to sell the lie that marijuana is therapeutic and a healer. What about all the previous studies? What about all the people who  have themselves experienced the dangers of marijuana? Some people never lived to tell at all. What happened to all this truth?

Apparently, like everything else that the government and antichrist does not want us to know it is being hidden, trashed, and banned from availability.

Known physical effects of using marijuana are as follows:

(1) the heart beats more rapidly
(2) increases blood pressure
(3) the body temperature drops
(4) the pupils of the eyes dilate or become very large
(5) the eyes may burn, and the whites of the eyes may become red
(6) frequent urination
(7) blood sugar levels change causing the user to get hungry, especially for sweets

Alright, most people are not convinced by that, so here are some more effects that occur when marijuana dosages are increased.

(1) the mouth and throat become dry
(2) dizziness
(3) muscle control and coordination may be affected
(4) sensory distortion: the loss of the sense of time and distance, sounds may be louder, colors may be brighter
(5) panic
(6) anxiety
(7) lowered reaction time
(8) after getting “high” the user feels sleepy or depressed
(9) the increased heart beat places the person at a high risk of having a heart attack

Well, now, sensory distortion, muscle control and coordination. Now we are really beginning to dig into something here. Umm, this could well affect a person’s job, or driving, or daily life functions altogether.

Long-term use of marijuana causes:

(1) reduced resistance to common illnesses (colds, bronchitis, etc)
(2) suppression of the immune system
(3) growth disorders
(4) increase of abnormally structured cells in the body
(5) reduction of male sex hormones
(6) rapid destruction of lung fibers and lesions (injuries) to the brain could be permanent
(7) reduced sexual capacity
(8) study difficulties: reduced ability to learn and retain information
(9) apathy, drowsiness, lack of motivation
(10) personality and mood changes
(11) inability to understand things clearly

Marijuana may be relaxing and offer a feeling of well being, but users may also lose touch with the real world. Users may see things no one else sees and hear things no one else hears. It will be demons disillusioning you to believe that you are well and happy and to make you feel all-powerful like you are wiser than those who do not use marijuana. Users may think they see objects around them appearing and changing shapes. Users often talk and laugh a lot. They are often loud at first while they feel free of troubles and cares but later they will become sleepy, dreamy, quiet and thoughtful.

I bet that many of us know people right off with symptoms like these. A user can initially feel happy but later feel depressed. They may become restless and tense. They may lose their will to work or study. They may even have a feeling of fear or panic.

The introduction to marijuana use has many times led people to use harder drugs such as cocaine, heroin, or LSD.

Forgot to post this video earlier today so here it is now. An educational film from the 1960s about the dangers of marijuana. Laugh if you like, but the facts remain the same.

Marijuana smoke contains 50% to 70% more cancer-causing substances than tobacco smoke…Studies in Australia in 2008 linked years of heavy marijuana use to brain abnormalities…And a number of studies have shown a connection between continued marijuana use and psychosis

Marijuana changes the structure of sperm cells, deforming them. Thus even small amounts of marijuana can cause temporary sterility in men. Marijuana use can upset a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Studies show that the mental functions of people who have smoked a lot of marijuana tend to be diminished. The THC in cannabis disrupts nerve cells in the brain affecting memory…Cannabis is one of the few drugs which causes abnormal cell division which leads to severe hereditary defects. –The Harmful Effects of Marijuana

The side effects and permanent damages caused by marijuana go on and on. I see the brain damage done in people’s minds from using drugs. It is apparent that stupidity is IN today. The dumber a person is the more attention and fame they receive. Intelligent people are being persecuted. Is it no surprise considering DRUGS of all kinds, prescription and street drugs are being pushed on everyone?

This is why the Bible calls pharmakeia “drugs” witchcraft. Like witchcraft and sorcery do drugs are mind altering. They manipulate the brain to be compliant. This is why when someone tries to explain to a user that the marijuana will damage their brain cells all they can do is disbelieve and laugh. The person has lost their mind and ability to think clearly. We have more written about pharmakeia at What the Bible says about drugs and alcohol.

Many, many celebrity people are using drugs too. Some of them attend church, call themselves “Christians,” and some of them even appear on religious networks telling people what great Christians they are and what the Lord has done for them. What blasphemy this is.

The town I live in is full of  people who live by appearances but so many are drug users. I have seen young kids walking around in stores totally strung out on drugs- walking through a public place with their hands down in their underwear. The police in this town are known drug users themselves so why would they arrest anyone with drugs? Only when they can get a good catch for themselves.