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To be honest I am really sick and tired of discussing the jezebel spirit. There is so much information available on the internet about the jezebel spirit so there is not much that I can really add to this. What really upsets me is how there is so much wrong and misleading information spread all over the internet about the jezebel spirit. I mean, there is much that is correct but there is probably just as much that is incorrect. I have read through some people’s websites and quickly realized that the person was obviously writing about one person who ticked them off and that is not at all what a jezebel spirit is. A whole lot of men are falsely accusing women of being jezebels, and I can’t help but think that much of it is only to take blame off of themselves. This is dangerous and very biblically ignorant.

As the apostate church loves to do they take scripture out of context. People hear a verse from their satanic bibles and think they know all about something when they know nothing at all. They are just spoonfed dumb dumbs because they do not bother to read and study a real Bible. So people think that ALL people who expose false prophets are jezebels. That is so foolish and ignorant that it is hardly worth a response. Let me put it this way, the people who do this need to go buy an AUTHORIZED King James Bible and read it from Genesis to Revelation and when they finish then there will be something to discuss. What will be the excuse when the rapture happens and you and your jezebel leaders are still here?

If you have not had DELIVERANCE from witchcraft, false gifts, divination, etc. and you are prophesying, giving words of knowledge or wisdom, you may be prophesying lies coming from demons!Jezebel Spirit That Controls the Church–It’s Not Always A Woman!

The writer of demonbuster.com wrote,

How many times have you heard, “IF I COULD JUST GET A WORD FROM THE LORD”?

I have no problem admitting that was my attitude a few years ago and I know that I am most definitely not alone on that but guess WHO answered the call? It was not God. It was demons and witchcraft intervening in the false prophecies given to me by a false prophet. Folks, the only TRUE WORD you are going to get from the Lord is the one HE GIVES YOU DIRECTLY. He is not going to tell some third party self-proclaimed prophet to give you a message. If people would just learn this word of advice from my horror story and other people’s stories then much heartache could be spared. Until people learn that simple lesson they will find themselves believing one lie after another until they are completely engulfed in strong delusion.

I should be laughing but as anyone knows who has been harassed or is being harassed by someone with a jezebel spirit dealing with it is enough to send you to your grave early. This evil spirit is RELENTLESS in its attacks. It usually does not give up until you submit to it or die.

The end times churches are over-run by this evil spirit. Jezebel is a control and manipulation spirit. Things must go jezebel’s way or else revenge will follow. When jezebel takes revenge this spirit will destroy your life until you are unable to live and move freely. It can paralyze you and your relationship with the Lord. This spirit will destroy your family, your job, your health, and every relationship around you. It will also torment your mind and emotions. It will alienate you from everyone while it easily convinces everyone around you that you are the problem. Jezebel does not want to be found out so it usually hides while it sets up its puppets to do its dirty work for it.  So by hiding and turning the tables it accuses the victim of being the real jezebel and the problem that has to go. As long as jezebel surrounds itself with loyal ‘yes men/women’ then it continues to gain power and causes more destruction and chaos outside of the loyal dumb dumbs submitting to this evil spirit. The ultimate goal, of course, is always to destroy your personal relationship with the Lord.

In my experience of warring against this evil spirit I have found that the people with this spirit most definitely also have a clairvoyant spirit. It is another demon, folks, which gives them information about the person that jezebel wants to destroy. This evil spirit will gain information about you in a variety of ways then turn around and use it to destroy you. I have seen this evil spirit working in both men and women in my lifetime- in personal relationships, in the workplace, and even in my own family. I have seen the phony tears, the phony apologies, the phony plays to befriend me all in an effort to get information from me or something else that jezebel was seeking. I have also seen the change in facial expressions, behavior, and the turning to hatred to destroy.

When it comes to men my brain seems to fall out. I really hate to admit that but it seems to be true every time. I want to believe what they say, but when it is a woman with a jezebel spirit then it is easier for me to recognize sooner. Maybe men can say the same in vice versa? I don’t know, except to say that this spirit is so deceiving and every time I have been deceived by it I was sure that I would never be deceived again. Yet again I would be because jezebel can LOOK and SOUND so convincing and so sincere. This is how this evil spirit gains control by DECEIVING people.

Jezebel was once a real person and the story about her is written in 1 Kings and 2 Kings. However, the “jezebel” spirit that is so dominantly in control in these last days is not a female spirit. There is no such thing as spirit genders.  This is not some “ghost” of Jezebel. “Spirits” are neither male nor female. Evil spirits, as I discussed in the last post, can dwell in any living being. Evil spirits seek a house to live in. “House” meaning a living being.

Falsely accusing someone of being a jezebel when maybe they are not is being a very poor example of what a Christian should be. I have been dragged through hell over and over again by jezebels. There has never been even one person with the common sense, or biblical knowledge, or spiritual discernment other than my own mother to recognize the typhoon from hell coming at me. As Rev. Turner said in “The Thief in the Night” film, the church people run like rats into a dark corner to keep from hearing the truth. The end times church is serving jezebel (Revelation 2:18-29). These people will do nothing to help anyone who is being attacked by jezebel. If you do not believe me then all you have to do is speak up with scripture about something that is not acceptable to the control group in your church and you will find out who jezebel is.

I believe that most people today are encountering this evil spirit but do not usually know what is going on or what to do about it. My reply is always to use King James scripture. Demons hate scripture. The more scripture you speak the angrier they will become but keep in mind that Satan is already a defeated foe. You must speak the scripture boldly. We should learn from Jesus’ example. If you remember when Jesus went into the wilderness and was tempted by the devil over and over again, Jesus remained calm and ALWAYS replied with “It is written…” –scripture! Read Matthew 4.

Then by Matthew 4:11 the scriptures say the devil gave up.

Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.

We have so much written about this jezebel spirit on our website already so I am not going to repeat it all here. You can find more information about the jezebel spirit in men, women, the workplace and more on the following pages: The Jezebel Spirit