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Nashville, Tennessee… it is a celebrity town. Country music artists, and professing Christian musicians, even the preachers look upon themselves as celebrities. This town is also full of “WANNA-BEs” … wannabe musicians and wannabe famous.

These people are great actors. They know how to perform in front of cameras and on stages and they can be the most friendly people off camera but only when it is good for their publicity. Outside of all that many, if not most, live disrespectful lives. How many celebrity people have you seen sitting on some stage or on somebody’s television program talking about their relationship with the Lord and how they met Christ? Then later down the road you find out that they are boozers, were arrested for drunk driving, do drugs, look at pornography, fornicate, commit adultery, or are homosexual, or many do not want to lose money or be out of work or laughed at so they accept some ungodly part in a trash movie or you will find them performing in some dark, dingy nightclub that serves alcohol. Many only use God to further their careers when convenient and the other part of the time they disassociate themselves from Christianity and God altogether.

We’ve got Christian television stations and Christian television programs that prey before the church today a whole generation of CELEBRITY BELIEVERS who one day are standing up in a spiritual conference talking about how Jesus has saved them and the next time you’ll hear about them they are on some dirty, filthy soap, they are on some filthy television program, they’re in some ‘R’ rated movie and they are being applauded by the church. You see them in Las Vegas performing in night clubs. There’s one Christian brother, if I named him you’d be shocked. He is considered one of the great celebrity Christians in America today but he goes to Las Vegas for two weeks every year with the news behind him. You see he holds prayer meetings after his show in his room and that’s supposed to make everything alright. What’s happened to separation, coming out from among them being separate and clean and not sitting in the seat of the scornful?

You see, they have no sense of need. No need to repent. No need to change, nothing to lay down and forsake for Jesus. Just pick everything up and go with Jesus. You see, they don’t see Jesus as an “emancipator” from sin. They see Him as an “enhancer” of their career and of their personality. . . I’ll add Jesus. He’ll help my career… -David Wilkerson, Counterfeit Christianity

It gets worse, many will put on a good act of praising the Lord on Sunday morning then stop in the local grocer after church to pick up their booze and cigarettes, or maybe they were smoking pot on Saturday night before church. Their attitudes are that they are above the average person. They think they are superior to others. And society idolizes this behavior. Feeding these people’s inflated egos with disillusioned awe is very misplaced.

God did not call “celebrities” to represent Him or to go out and preach the gospel. The people He chose to be His disciples would be unacceptable to these celebrity people of today because they were everyday working people, laborers. Celebrity people, they are to be pitied. They are so wrapped up in themselves and in love with cameras, money and attention. The higher the pedestal the further they will have to fall, and the Bible says that pride cometh before a fall.

Pride [goeth] before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18

Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.  1 Timothy 3:6

Satan preys on those inflated egos and he will keep feeding their insatiable appetites for attention.

Why do Americans idolize celebrities?

I keep asking myself what is wrong with people that they cannot let go of their obsessions with people? Television and radio news has even fallen into entertainment and celebrity news over reporting legitimate newsworthy material because people seek to be entertained and do not want to hear truth. People will push, shove, or knock you down to get near a celebrity. I used to go to a church that was pastored by a celebrity preacher. Every Sunday morning women would race for the front rows of the sanctuary so they could shake the pastors hand, but then they would never shake my hand or even speak to me. They would be starry-eyed and giddy like they were infatuated with the preacher. It is not only obsessions with people. America has made idols out of many things. Idols are anything that you place before God. People are obsessed with celebrities, with sports, with money, with careers, with material things, with booze and all sorts of stuff. Do you not realize that if you cannot lay it all down, take up your cross and follow Jesus that you have a problem?

(We are not finished writing this page but I will share the link because we have many scriptures posted regarding idols in our lives, What does the Bible say about Idols.)

I have known people who could tell me every detail about some celebrity’s life and I could see their obsession but they were blind to it to the point it would make the person angry when questioned. This life is just a temporary stop. We were created to be with Jesus, but in this life on earth is a test. God is watching us and He sees where people’s hearts are. Most of the time people place all their time and devotion in all the wrong places- their idols and obsessions. I mean there are things that we like to do and are talented at doing but when you place it all above and before God, and seek to glorify yourself then it is an obsession, and a SIN.

In this celebrity town one of the requirements to be ‘acceptable’ to the church people is befriending and being accepted by celebrities. People, particularly church goers, approve or disapprove a person based on their occupation, the clothes they wear, the car they drive, the home they live in, and WHO THEY KNOW. All of this is so meaningless, and the Bible specifically says this is wrongful judgment!

Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment. John 7:24

During the tribulation, the Bible says that God will send two witnesses on this earth to preach the gospel. These two men never died. God just took them and they will soon be returning here to serve the Lord during the world’s most terrible times. Some believe these men will be Moses and Elijah. Grandpa believed and we believe that it will be Elijah and Enoch. Don’t know why some people say Moses. Moses died. Enoch never did, but anyhow it makes no difference who they are. The point here is God is not likely going to send these men back to earth dressed in expensive clothing and driving expensive cars. Jesus Himself when he walked on the earth never judged anyone by how much money they had, or  the clothes they wore, or their status in society.

On judgment day God is not going to care if you were famous or friends with famous people, or how much money you had, or how many toys you collected here. Working in a church, singing in a choir or praise team, or going on mission trips, or giving lots of money for whatever charity, or saying ‘hail Mary’s’  all day or whatever- none of these things will save you. He will ask what you did for Him, and it won’t wash to say that you fed 10,000 orphans in China while you held a grudge against your brother or sister next door or refused to help a hurting and needy person in your own backyard. The Bible says not to make a ‘show’ of oneself. Good works will not get you into Heaven.

God does not want you looking at and following celebrities or making idols out of anyone or anything. God wants you to be looking at Him and following Him only. When the trumpet sounds and the Lord says to His people “Come up hither” all these celebrities will still be here to go through the tribulation period whether they want to believe there will be a tribulation or not does not matter. The Bible says we are near to this time now and He will come like a thief in the night. Like a thief in the night means when people are not expecting anything. Only those people who truly belong to Jesus will be ready, waiting and expecting Him.