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I am still so amazed at what is going on in the churches during these end times and the BLINDNESS and REBELLION of people. God woke me up a few years ago to this demonic poisoning. I will never again be subjected to the sins and abominations going on inside the churches.

Satan’s Tactic: His Representatives are masquerading as Christian Preachers and Prophets of God

There are a number of converted witches going around in the United States warning that satanists and practicing witches are infiltrating the church especially the charismatic churches and there have been a few books about the subject. Some of you may have read them and they suggested the diabolical plot to move into the churches posing as super-spiritual Christians and they come to deceive and shipwreck the pastor, to defeat the pastor and also bring the multitude into occult worship and satanism.

These converted witches claim that the evil witches are already firmly established in numerous churches and that they’re already in control of certain classes and their controlling congregations and they’re causing death and divorce and wickedness and great confusion. David Wilkerson, March 5, 1990 [video, text or text]

They learned how to dress and to talk in order to appear ‘religious.’ They wear fine clothing, drive expensive cars, and have beautiful, inspiring, unbiblical messages to offer you with just a swig of truth to them to fool the average church goer. Bill Hamon appears to be one of the people behind training these masqueraders to infiltrate the churches and leaching onto credible preachers in order to make themselves look more credible while perverting the message of God.

The Purpose

This should be obvious. By perverting the Word of God they can lead professing Christian people into occult practices and win souls for Satan. Here is an excerpt that I shared in the last post, but how many people caught this? A so called Christian church. Satanists working UNDER COVER so they can cast spells, enchant, charm, use mind control and hypnosis on people without anyone knowing it.

…she had been indoctrinated with by her satanist controllers who operated UNDER COVER in a church (her satanist uncle had been a pastor of it)…Deliverance: Do You Really Want It?

Well, I know first hand about these witches entering Christianity. One of them caused great destruction and confusion in my life and personal relationships. Every relationship I had with anyone was permanently severed. None of these of people could have possibly been genuine Christians filled with the Holy Spirit or else they would have discerned the evil infiltration.  Only the devil comes in like a hurricane destroying everything in its path. God does not work this way.

The Results

Biblically ignorant people who have no reverence for God, who do not know Scripture or Bible prophecy.  They only know a few Scriptures and they are the ones which protect their lifestyle and the demons which encircle them keeping them hostile towards any true saint who attempts to tell them the truth. They are not looking for Jesus. They wander around looking for some great SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE and weird manifestation. These people are lukewarm looking for miraculous SIGNS and WONDERS (Mark 8:12 and Luke 11:29-30). They are wishy washy following whatever belief their preacher or friends offer them. Therefore they follow what comforts them which means throwing out the Ten Commandments and the Old Testament. They make excuses for sin. They are living like the world. They are WORLDLY PEOPLE. There is no difference between these ‘religious’ people and an unbeliever except that the counterfeit Christian already has the mark of the beast written in their spirit. They are full of pride and arrogance, and because they love the world more than God they are becoming more wicked and more evil while the true saints are fleeing these churches and seeking the signs of the Lord’s coming. These and many more are all characteristics of a demonic infiltration in the congregation.

In order to win the souls of professing Christians Satan had to find a way to get in where they congregate and that would be the church house. Satan’s entrance into Christianity has been exactly like his tactic to con Eve into eating the apple. He did not come in the church like a hurricane announcing himself and holding séances or human sacrifices. No no. He has been far more subtle than that. He is feeding on people’s lusts – lusts for money, lusts for things, lusts for sex….people’s giant appetites for worldly things. People are eating it up and do not care what the Bible says.

It is as though they don’t even care that the commandments of God and the principles of God are taught in the Bible. They throw all of that out the window and their attitude is ‘We’re gonna do what we wanna do anyhow. I wanna live how I wanna live and I don’t care what the Bible says about decency, morality, right and wrong, about standards for the ministry or anything else‘ instead we are promoting ourselves. We’re moving into a time when people don’t even have the decency to conduct a church service with respect and dignity. It is as though the things of God have been demeaned but the real question is not the style of the worship. The real question is the content of the message. The message of Scripture that reminds an individual that we are all sinners that need to come to repentance and salvation and faith, and the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. That it’s the blood of Christ that saves, that changes a life. You’re not saved by self-effort, by self-promotion, by thinking positive thoughts, by simply trying to make yourself have a better life. You can try that all you want to but it will never work. Ultimately, the only real change that can come in the heart and soul of an individual must come from God Himself. -Ed Hindson, The Apostate Church

One of the means they use to accomplish their enchantments is by dimming the church, lighting candles, and using VERY LOUD MUSIC! People are entranced by music and think they are having some spiritual experience. If the room is dimmed and the walls and floors are shaking from the vibration of this so called Christian music then something is wrong.

Satanists Have Infiltrated Every Level of the Professing Christian Community

Satanists are controlling the radio and television networks, religious magazines, and they are controlling the churches.

Here you have RELIGIOUS MAGAZINES that are run by the Illuminati, speakers who are members within their organization, or collaborators who have been bought by them over the years. Many of them who would consider themselves to be personal enemies of mine because of exposes which came out about them by me in the ‘70s- early ‘80s. Yet, not one of them has said a word, although they all know about it for fear that the true believers that are out there will find out what has happened to me. -John Todd, The Collins Family

Godtube.com- supposed to be a “faith-based” video upload community. It may be “faith-based” but it is not Christian-based. It is anything but Christian. Godtube looks just like the churches do- all about celebrity worship and everything has to be cutsie tootsie and inspirational or else you get ousted and deemed a wacko. The Word of God has been infiltrated by Satan’s people and the more a bearer of truth speaks up the more hated and alienated they are treated. The Bible says these days would come (Matthew 5:44, Luke 6:22, 27, John 7:7, John 15:18, 1 John 3:13).

How many people do you know are fascinated with or even obsessed with evil and wickedness, darkness, skulls, witches, vampires, goths, Dungeons & Dragons, Harry Potter, Twilight, Wizard of Oz, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, the paranormal, hypnosis, mind control, and more? Is your preacher telling you that all these things are of God? Are you being tormented with sleep paralysis? Is some preacher telling you these are all ‘spiritual experiences’?

All of these things are occult practices and witchcraft. If you are involved in any of these things then you need to REPENT and RENOUNCE them.

The only way to defeat Satan’s tactics is by reading your King James, praying, and seeking the Lord in everything. If you are seeking ungodly things and prophets or psychics then Satan will answer your call.