Read Ezekiel 2.

Ezekiel had to have been be one of the most discouraged preachers in the Old Testament …Israel’s most discouraged prophets by what he saw because they were trusting in their own righteousness. God told them they were trusting in their own righteousness while they’re still living in their sins. He said they’re trusting in their own strength. Here is exactly what God said to him about his people he had been preaching to. Ezekiel, they HEAR the words but they won’t do them. For with their mouth they show much love but their heart goes after their COVETOUSNESS. They hear you but they will NOT OBEY. The church of his time was in total disarray. The SHEPHERDS were all out for themselves. They were cheating the people living off the fat while the people were starving. The SHEEP were SCATTERED over all the hills and Ezekiel said there were no shepherds willing to go out and find them. He said they are WOUNDED and there was nobody to heal their wounds. The shepherds were all out looking for themselves. They’re all out trying to make it BIG. They’re all looking for SUCCESS. They’re all looking for WEALTH. They’ve forgotten the sheep.

Folks, that is what I hear from people all over this nation and around the world. The sheep were scattered all over the hills and the shepherds aren’t even going after them. They are taking care of their own needs first.

-David Wilkerson, “The Indwelling Power of the Holy Spirit” sermon, June 6, 1999-

Those words describe today’s church. The preachers care about no one but themselves. They all want fame, money and power. They could care less who is hurting. They are doped up on followers.

When the Bible speaks about the “shepherds” it is referring to the preachers. How sad it is that the preachers are so full of themselves and their ungodly lusts for worldly things that they care not who they cause to be turned away from the assembling together or from God. Churches nowadays are so full of demon spirits and people who are controlled by demons that people are not hearing the saving gospel message. It is an abomination to the Lord that so many people who call themselves a minister for the Lord are pretenders. It is not a new thing for someone to dress up like a preacher and get the credentials all in order to gain something from others.

Touch not thy anointed, you say? Few are anointed. There are many false apostles dressed in sheep’s clothing making fools out of masses of people who cannot discern truth, and fear for their lives if they speak anything outside of the church society conformity box.

I’d rather be standing with the minority not afraid to speak the truth than to follow the big crowds following lies right into Hell. God has certainly blessed me and my mother a hundred times over for taking a stand. If you are looking for the approval of men then you will always be on the wrong side.