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It is another new year and the reality of how close we are to the Lord’s return is a reminder to me every day and every hour. I can hardly believe how people are living like they have forever, especially the mainstream church. The more I learn about Satan’s evil works and plans that have been weaved into our society since he fell from heaven the more urgent that I find these warnings to be. So with the new year I am making an attempt to start writing a blog where I can share some important messages.

Mom and I are no longer on Facebook or any social network, and to be truthful we have been finding relief in separating ourselves from all the social upheavals. Physically my mother and I should have both passed away years ago, but the Lord keeps us alive for a reason and we believe this reason is to share the gospel to unbelievers and to warn people about how Satan is so cleverly brainwashing and deceiving masses of people.

I have always loved music of many sorts. One being classic rock n’roll, but I have to tell you that the last time I was listening to classic rock a few years ago something kept nudging me saying “This is not right. Turn it off!” I did turn it off and I have never turned it back on. I have literally taken all of my old rock n’roll music and BURNED IT.

What is going on in the music industry I believe is not exclusive to rock’n roll music. However, for now listen to this amazing video. It is crammed full of shocking information.

Here is an excerpt:

Lance (Former Managing President of Zodiac Productions): Do they still take the Master to the temple room?
David Crosby (Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young): Yea.
Lance: Do they still have the coven and conjure demons into the Master?
David Crosby: Of course.
Lance: What is the main reason for rock music?
David Crosby: Come on, Lance. You know what the reason is. The same as when you were in. So we can place SPELLS on people that we couldn’t cast spells upon.
Lance: Ok, I’ve been hearing that you must be an initiated witch now to get a record contract.
David Crosby: That’s right. Many of us that weren’t total witches have to be witches now in order to produce music.

This is how many Christians perish. You can go home and count your kids records and count how many demons are there. That’s too hard for you to believe? I’m sorry. That’s why they do it.Lance, Former Managing President of Zodiac Productions, Sold Out To Satan: Illuminati Controlled Musicians